Nicholas Wolf

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April 17, 2016, 8:23 p.m.

Update: Carey Series in √Čire-Ireland

I've been remiss in giving updates on this research space, but in fact a number of news items have emerged here related to Mathew Carey. In fall of 2014 my collaborator Ben Bankhurst and I brought together three essays that had emerged in the Ireland, America, and the Worlds of Mathew Carey conference back in 2011. These essays, by James Kelly, Padhraig Higgins, and myself, examined Carey from the perspective of his involvement in the Volunteers Journal and engagement with the Penal Laws in his pamphlet, The Urgent Necessity of an Immediate Repeal of the Whole Penal Code Candidly Considered, as well as his relationship with trends in Catholic publishing in the second half of the eighteenth century. These essays were published in √Čire-Ireland 49: 3&4. In 2015 we followed this up with another trio of essays in the same journal by Bankhurst, Eoin Magennis, and Martyn Powell, with a nice addition of an image of a page from the Badin Bible (a copy of Carey's American-printed Douay-Rheims Testament) held at the Cushwa Center at Notre Dame. I'm ready to leave Carey behind for a time, but enjoyed the experience of getting to know so many scholarly experts on the man and to help guide some of the original conference papers to print!